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Welcome to Charlie's Videos
A Production
Please note: 
To play .MOV files, you will need Apple's QuickTime movie player.
To play .MPG files, you will need Microsoft's Windows Media Player.
All movies are in "zipped" format (use Winzip or Stuffit to unzip).
Pregnancy Test  (  (unzips as MOV file)
Description:   Young loving couple and pregnancy test.  (size: 1.9mb, expands to 2.0 mb,  September 2005)
My Hawaiian Vacation   (  (unzips as MOV file)
Description:   My Hawaiian Vacation Slideshow with sound effects and transitions (made with iMovie).  (size: 1.57mb, expands to 3.39 mb,  March 2004)
Wassup - Jewish Style  (  (unzips as MPG file)
Description:   Jewish version of  Wassup.  (size: 3.55mb, February 2001)
  Last modified: Tuesday, September 06, 2005