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  My Short Stories   My Short Stories
Charlie's stories... what a treat!

Please note: All essays/short stories were created
using Microsoft Word and are in "zipped" format.

This Old PC (
Description: About tuning old PC's at a client. (size: 6kb, July 1998)
On a Mission Impossible? (
Description: At CA World '97, and what to do about sprucing CA-IDMS at a client. (size: 6kb, August 1997)
Doctor, Doctor (
Description: Treating a CA-IDMS system's crisis into an "ER" episode.. (size: 5kb, April 1997)
Get Thee to a Mainframe (
Description: Explaining the resurgenece in the mainframe industry and why "lights out" won't happen any time soon.  (size: 23kb, July 1996)
A Hard Day's Night (
Description: Working late night in New York City and a turbulent taxi ride in the 1980's. (size: 8kb, July 1992)
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